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Java Experts is only one language for the Java Virtual Machine

It is important to understand that the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the basis of the programming language Java, so sometimes when speaking of Java we are really speaking about the JVM. And there is a lot of evolution going on the JVM because the JVM is really the thing that the eco-system gathers around, not necessarily the language Java.

From a licensing point of view Oracle has open sourced the entire Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Development Kit (JDK).  OpenJDK is under GPL and can thus be used for commercial applications.

Also there are plenty of other vendors to chose from besides Oracle, for example Azul Systems or Adopt OpenJDK.

Each vendor is providing own distributions and support schemes. Choosing the right distribution and version along with long-term-support can be tricky.

Strong adoption and eco-system: Java Virtual Machine is de-facto standard for server-side systems

Adoption of Java is widespread. Java and the JVM have a huge base of engineers familiar with it. Almost every organization is either writing Java or running an application dependent on Java that is also business critical. Most on the backend, but also lots of Java upstream with mobile apps, big data, EAI, ETL.

The amount of tooling, libraries are not matched by any other platform. Java and the JVM scale well and have stable development tools and IDE support. It’s been top 3 most popular language for over a decade with new languages coming into the game on top of the JVM recently.

Also companies are still switching actively to the Java platform especially in cases where both performance and observability are top priorities. Also there is movement inside the Java ecosystem (e.g. among the Java language, Kotlin, Clojure and Scala) but we’re not seeing any significant shift away. Except on the client side, where the browser has won and modern JavaScript Frameworks like React complement well.

And also there is the Spring Framework including Spring Boot which on their own have huge adoption.