Grails outsourcing with experienced Groovy and Grails developers in Poland

In 2009 we started out mainly doing Groovy and Grails outsourcing and did a lot of professional projects with this stack. Surprisingly or not – most of those applications are still around, used by many users day by day.

Some of our Grails developers started working with the framework with the very first Grails version 0.1. Of course Grails and Groovy evolved since then a lot and both are still very popular among our developers.

What are Grails and Groovy?

Grails is a software development framework based on the programming language Groovy, the Spring Framework and on the Java Virtual Machine. Typically it is used for the rapid creation of web applications.

As said Groovy is used as the main language for programming in Grails. Groovy is dynamically-typed which is heavily used inside the Grails frameworks code itself – for example in GORM the data access-layer controlling Hibernate for object-relational-management.

Alternative to low-code: Rapid application prototyping with Grails

Grails is famous for its rapid application prototyping. Let’s assume you have an idea and you want to see it in action fast. What you can do is to use some no-code or low-code solution but at some point those tend to not scale anymore.

Grails rapid application prototyping is a scalable alternative to no-code / low-code solutions because Grails combines huge productivity with the maturity and extensibility of the Spring Framework.

Challenge us: we’ll bring your software idea to life in just a few hours!