Video Messaging Platform – Cloud Hosted, Grails Backend

Video messaging, Software-as-a-Service

Architecture, Backend, Frontend

12 months

Business problem

It was required to lift an existing web-application (proof of concept prototype) serving user-generated video messages onto a new architecture. The solution was required to be highly scalable for video recording and -encoding, serving a worldwide user base.

Business value generated

The solution is based on a Grails backend, hosted in a Cloud environment and widely uses queuing to meet scalability requirements. Queues were implemented for video encoding, antivirus scanning, mail sending, etc. Thanks to that, a client can “fire-and-forget” all long-term processes. Moreover, the REST API is stateless which also results in a scalability boost. External resources (JS, CSS) are minimized and compressed in order to optimize bandwidth usage. The front-end was built using HTML5 to provide rich user experiences and compatibility across desktop- and mobile platforms.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Grails 1.3.7 – 2.0.1, Spring, jQuery, LESS, HTML5, REST

  • DevOps

    Tomcat, PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, PhoneGap, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud Hosting