SaaS Software Product Development

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Architecture, Backend-, Frontend-Developer, DevOps, Cloud and QA-Specialist

36 months, on-going

Business need

The existing software solution could no longer be operated economically due to outdated architecture and technologies and the associated high development costs as well as a lack of developers. For these reasons, the stake holders decided to re-build their software product from scratch to meet future strategic goals.

Business value generated

Conception, design, custom software development and operation of the web- and mobile applications in a cloud environment.

Due to the long-term horizon of the software product development, it was particularly important to us to focus on:

  • Proven, mature and future-proof open-source frameworks such as Spring Boot and React.
  • High test coverage of all features with unit, integration and acceptance tests
    Composition of the developer team with a long-term perspective
  • High degree of automation within Quality Assurance and DevOps processes

The entire management and developer team was provided remotely as a dedicated, permanent team.

We were able to complete the first productive product release within the planned budget and timeframe. Since then, the growing development team has continued to develop the product. The product is also being rolled out to other countries.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Spring Boot, React.js, React Native (Android, iOS), Microservices Architektur,

  • DevOps

    Docker, Kubernetes, EFK, Cloud