Realtime Business Intelligence OLAP Solution

Travel, Transport and Logistic

1 on-site Consultant / Softwaredeveloper, 1 remote Senior Softwaredeveloper / BI-Specialist

1 month

Business problem

A BI solution for analysing realtime data of the main application should be provided rapidly, with short iterations and with minimal TCO.

Business value generated

A realtime-OLAP solution based on the Open Source JasperSoft BI products were planned and delivered via a prototype. Existing reports were migrated, new dynamic reports were created and ETL-processes were developed that provide the possibility to constantly analyze large data-sets with small latency.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Agile approach, Java 6, Java EE, Java Persistence API (Hibernate), JUnit 4, Objectorientated Design (OOD), JasperSoft BI (iReport, JasperAnalysis, JasperReports, JasperServer), Spring Testing

  • DevOps

    Ant, Continuous Integration, Hudson, Oracle Database, SVN