Multishop Marketplace Software on Grails Basis

Trade, eCommerce, Software-as-a-Service

1 remote Groovy, Grails Software Developer, 1 remote Web Designer

3 weeks

Business problem

A Marketplace Software Solution with high scalability, flexibility and high-end e-Commerce features was required. A conducted market analysis lead to the conclusion that a bespoke e-Commerce Software Framework had to be developed.

Business value generated

Right from the start the design concept included Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing functionality. The solution was designed and developed on Grails Basis.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Agile Processes, Grails, Groovy, Java 6, Java EE, JSON, JUnit 4, Object Oriented Design (OOD), REST, Spring Source Toolsuite, Webservices

  • DevOps

    Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud-Computing, MySQL, Subversion