Functional Monitoring – Software Module, Enterprise Java

Travel, Transport and Logistics

Project Manager On-Site, Software Developer Remote

2 months

Business problem

A widely reusable Java Module was required for a live-system that manages German Cargo-Transport. A component for monitoring functional components like application-specific services had to be designed, implemented and integrated into mission-critical, heterogeneous system-environments.

Business value generated

High performance to conform with SLAs // 10 million+ calls/month on average in the live-system // flexible API for integration by developers and/or administrators (JMX, annotations, configurable aop-pointcuts…) // high test-coverage // connection to 24/7 supervision-systems // enterprise-logging // offshore-enablement due to intuitive and complete documentation // component is integrated in two mission-critical systems from the start and is recommended to be used in new systems. By now the component is also used as data-provider for other systems.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Agile Processes, Ant, Design Patterns, Eclipse, Enterprise Architect, Ivy, Java 6, Java EE, JMX, JUnit 4, OOD, Spring 2.5, Spring AOP

  • DevOps

    Hudson, Continuous Integration, Clearcase, Clearquest, Weblogic 10, JBoss 5