Frontend refactoring towards responsive design with a dedicated team

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Team of 5 consisting of an Architect, Senior Backend-, Frontend-Developers and a QA-Specialist

36 months +

Business problem

Refactoring of the core application as an extension of the on-site team. Responsive design optimisation for all devices.

Business value generated

Know-how transfer and joint Scrum processes were quickly and successfully implemented after on-site training in Berlin, so that the development was productive within 2 weeks.

Our area of responsibility consists of refactoring the application in the direction of Responsive Web in order to be present on all end devices. We support the in-house team with a well-coordinated team of 5 in Poland.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Grails 2.2.4 (custom version), Java 1.8.x.x, Assets (jQuery, Zurb Foundation, custom JS, Mustache CSS Templates, SASS/SCSS Compass), Spock Framework, Gmock, TestNG, JUnit,  Geb, Selenium, Hamcrest, Slf4j, Airbrake

  • DevOps

    Quartz, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Custom DB Migrations