Decision-supporting Java Enterprise Module

Travel, Transport and Logistic

1 on-site Consultant / Software Developer

6 months

Business need

A software-product company demanded additional resources to cope with increased workload due to newly acquired customers. A complex module for the main application was required by the new customer.

Business value generated

Conception, realisation and integration of a custom Java Enterprise module for the main application of the customer. Module helps agents with identification and controlling of vehicle-interval groups and their potential time-differences. Problems can be analysed by configurable algorithms and resolved to decision-supporting options.

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Agile approach, Ant, Design Patterns, Eclipse, Ivy, Java 6, Java EE, Java Persistence API (Hibernate), JUnit 4, Conception, Objectoriented Design (OOD), Spring Testing

  • DevOps

    Continuous Integration, Hudson, Oracle Database, SVN