Software modernisation of an eMail Marketing SaaS Application

Whole sale

Development team consisting of 10 people (business and IT)

5 months

Business problem

The framework used for development of the main-application has grown for a long time until it couldn’t meet basic requirements like maintainability, modularisation and testability sufficiently.

Business value generated

The framework was reviewed, considering the requirements and a backwards-compatible solution resulting from the following tasks was deployed:

  • separation of application- and infrastructure-logic via proven design-patterns
  • optimisation of the modularity und usage of the API
  • training of the development team, creation of coding guidelines und code-templates

Technologies used

  • Technologies

    Agile approach, Design Patterns, Java 6, Java EE, TestNG, Conception, Objectoriented Design (OOD), UML, Workshops, Review, Coaching