Nearshore Outsourcing to Poland: Is It Right for Your Software Development?

Custom business software is a huge asset. Quality software designed for the way your business operates can change everything. However, many businesses think it isn’t an option. Local cost estimates can be much more than they’re able to spend, regardless of probable returns. It’s possible to cut costs on important purchases without sacrificing quality. Nearshore outsourcing to Poland is the best way to do that. Let’s go over what that means exactly.


What is Nearshore Outsourcing to Poland

Software Development Outsourcing Country Comparison

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What Do You Mean by Nearshore Outsourcing to Poland?

When it comes to outsourcing, there are three main options. Each one is unique and has its own pros and cons. Let’s discuss them and see what they entail, so you can weigh the options against your own needs and goals. Then you’ll be able to decide with confidence.

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1.) Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is when you hire a third-party company in another, usually distant, country. The low rates in offshore countries make it quite popular. While that can be a benefit, it isn’t always. If you aren’t familiar with their business structure and laws, you’re at a huge disadvantage. It hurts your ability to negotiate and take legal action.

Even just time differences or language barriers can cause logistical issues. It’s often easier to miss red flags at a distance and that could lead to receiving poor quality software. It may not seem like a big deal, but U.S. companies lost $319 billion due to inefficient and subpar software.

2.) Onshore Outsourcing

Onshore outsourcing is when you hire a third-party company in the same country as you. This may sound like the obvious and easy solution. However, onshore companies charge much higher rates than the other kinds of outsourcing companies. They can’t compete with rates that low.

3.) Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore outsourcing to Poland or anywhere else is when you hire a third-party company in a nearby country. It’s like the best of both worlds. You get a company that can provide high-quality custom software for a reasonable price. Plus, you’re likely to know more about a neighboring country than a distant one. Your time zones will be identical, or close, and there’s a good chance you speak the same language.

Software Development Outsourcing Comparison by Country

The prices, experience, pros, and cons of every country will differ. These countries and their outsourcing information should demonstrate these differences.

Offshore Outsourcing to India

India is considered the cheapest offshore country for outsourcing. Though, cultural challenges are emerging.

Low Range of

Yes. Second largest English-speaking country globally.

Comparable to the U.S. but with high cultural challenges

Can’t do business in person, much harder to track progress, too much can go wrong at a distance.

Nearshore Outsourcing to Ukraine

Ukraine has a growing software engineering population so there’s no shortage of developers.


Yes. They take English all through school.

Comparable to the U.S.

Not part of the EU. Possibly less legal protection for data security and intellectual property rights.

Nearshore Outsourcing to Poland

As their economy rapidly improves more people can afford software engineering degrees leading to more developers every year.

Low Range of

Yes. They take English all through school as a second language. University courses are mostly designed in English

Polish developers are 2nd best in Europe and 3rd worldwide, with Java Technologies even 1st.

Additional Info: Their economy is booming. Poland’s GDP skyrocketed from 80.45 billion in 1989 to 580.89 billion in 2020. Classified as a high-income economy by the World Bank, ranked world’s 21st richest country, and ranked 40th on the 2020 Ease of Doing Business Index. Many are eager to start nearshore outsourcing to Poland.

Choose Nearshore Outsourcing of your Software Development to Poland

As you can see, of all the outsourcing options available, nearshore outsourcing to Poland is the one with the most benefits, the best programmers, and no reason not to use it. Especially now, Poland is a great place to outsource.

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