Outsourcing of Java Software Development: The Advantages of an Outside Team

As a Java development outsourcing company, you might think we’re biased. However, we don’t count Java development outsourcing among the best options because it’s our specialty. On the contrary, we chose to specialize in Java development outsourcing because it’s among the best.

To demonstrate why, let’s first go over Java’s superior capabilities then, examine the benefits of outsourcing. Together, they’ll illustrate why Java development outsourcing is so often the right move.

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What Makes Java Development Different

Technology tends to have a short lifecycle. However, the truly great ones refuse to be replaced. Java, a programming language from the 90s that’s still popular today, is one of them. So, how did it survive—let alone thrive—for so long in this industry? Java remains future-proof after a quarter-century for the same reasons it continues to attract new developers and clients today.

Special From the Beginning

On May 23rd, 1995, Java entered the digital world, and it’s never been the same. Several industry sources conduct surveys and other research on the most used and well-liked programming languages among developers. Java has consistently ranked at the top since the 90s.

Topping the Charts

According to Tiobe’s rankings, Java hasn’t dipped below #3 in a decade, currently sitting at #2. Meanwhile, GitHub’s chart showing the top languages from 2014 to 2020 has Java ranked second most years. It held the spot from 2014 until switching places with Python in 2019. That landed Java in third place where it remained in 2020.

Industry Non-Standards

It’s well known as one of the most commonly used and powerful languages. There are numerous industry articles on the topic of their sustained popularity. Many are impressed with their ability to remain relevant for over two decades, even as new languages emerge.

Why Software Developers and Their Customers Prefer Java

​​Java is almost universally well-liked because of its ease of use and advantageous features. Java is classified as object-oriented programming (OOP). The OOP format is extremely simple, flexible, and efficient. It’s easy to learn, making it ideal for beginners. ​Clients and companies also love it because they get their programming faster, better, and with less hassle.


A Smarter Way to Move Forward

One of the most practical features is also likely a huge factor in its longevity. Java’s code is backward compatible. Programming languages are constantly evolving. New versions of some languages aren’t compatible with what came before, constantly forcing developers to rewrite it. Java’s code doesn’t have that problem.

The Write Way

Plus, ​Java’s multi-platform capability makes it available on any system, earning it the nickname, the “write once, run anywhere” language. It scales very well making it ideal for growing programs. Steady upgrades without past programming obsolescence allowed the language to stay relevant. Meanwhile, low barriers of entry for developers and fewer issues for clients meant a constant, steady stream of new devotees.

Why Use Java Software Development Outsourcing Over In-House Solutions?

​​There are several key differences between having an in-house team and opting for Java development outsourcing. Hiring your own team starts with spending a lot of time and money. You must find the right people, hire them, onboard them, and deal with the bureaucratic formalities that follow. All that is before they even start the job.

Double the Value at Half the Price

From there, additional costs start adding up. You’ll have to pay their salaries, benefits, and the overhead for their office space and supplies. Then there’s the managerial costs associated with overseeing their work. Hiring experienced Java development outsourcing professionals can save as much as half what you’d pay an in-house team!

Losing Out On the Perks

Hiring employees requires paying more, but you also get less! When you choose a Java development outsourcing company, you get an established business with around-the-clock customer support. Alternatively, you can only wait for employees to come back to the office. Besides, while you’re doing that, what won’t you be doing? Using a Java development outsourcing company lets you focus on the things your business really needs.

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