Model-Driven Infrastructure for Java Projects

Java software-development projects are our daily business. For us it's a common task to setup different environments for dealing with the specific needs of our customers. While we treat every customer individually we want to keep setup time…
jooq logo

Using jOOQ with Spring Transactions

Update 10.02.2014: Recently, Lukas from the jOOQ development team has created a sample GitHub project on how to set Spring + Guice up. Please, refer comments. Recently, we decided to introduce jOOQ to our project. Mostly,…

IllegalStateException in Amazon SDK for Java

In one of our projects we need to communicate with Amazon S3. We use the SDK for Java provided by Amazon itself. The library incorporates Apache HttpComponents for managing HTTP and associated protocols. We noticed there was an issue…
grails framework

Groovy XmlSlurper for HTML Parsing

Very common task: you need to parse XML. When using groovy there is groovy.util.XmlSlurper for that. We know that HTML is just a special XML - but when you have to parse from online ressources you have to assume that it's never well-formed.…