Munich Team Event 2023

Thanks to the amazing team, we enjoyed the delicious German Weissbier and a trip to the surrounding mountains with our client
software prototype

Low code alternative: rapid application development with open-source software

Testing ideas in the market is crucial at the beginning of every business and especially software-as-a-service and e-business need fast time to market. What you want is to prove your concept and have a minimum viable product (MVP) available in the internet as a prototype. If you see it’s a working business then you scale it.
Trading System Development

Trading Systems

Trading System Development - Part 1 I assume you know programming (maybe you are even a professional developer) and you have that trading itch. You probably have been trading manually with your broker here and there, but decided to step…

4 Business Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Software Development

Custom Software is needed when special business requirements can’t be met by proprietary software on the market.

Java Conference – Devoxx Poland 2015

Thanks to Payara we participated in the first edition of Devoxx Poland, on June, 22nd-24th, 2015 in Kraków, Poland. Last year we were on its ancestor — 33rd Degree (see our report of day 1 and day 2). What do we think about it? What changed?…
33rd degree poland

33rd Degree 2014 — Day 1

On June, 9th — 11th, 2014 we were attending 33rd Degree conference in Cracow, Poland. In this series of posts, we’ll share our thoughts on the conference and particular talks. Besides, we’re going to point out the most interesting parts…
33rd degree poland

33rd Degree 2014 — Day 2

Day 2 was in our opinion the best day of the conference. It was literally packed with strongly technical, valuable content. However, the starting talk did not promise that at all. So, let’s start! Power to the Programmers by Tom Gilb Have…

Model-Driven Infrastructure for Java Projects

Java software-development projects are our daily business. For us it's a common task to setup different environments for dealing with the specific needs of our customers. While we treat every customer individually we want to keep setup time…

Going Pivotal

Recently we deployed several applications to Pivotal Cloud-Foundry (CF). Deployment was pretty smooth for our Grails and Spring-based applications. Because we had issues deploying JDK-7 applications to heroku as it is using jdk 1.6 as default…
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Using jOOQ with Spring Transactions

Update 10.02.2014: Recently, Lukas from the jOOQ development team has created a sample GitHub project on how to set Spring + Guice up. Please, refer comments. Recently, we decided to introduce jOOQ to our project. Mostly,…